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Biographical Note Paola Zambelli , Ph. She has published on the history of astrology and magic in the age of scholasticism and in the Renaissance. PART I. Scholastic and Humanist Views of Hermeticism. From Cusanus to Bovelles? Appendix I. The Initiates and the Idiot. Hermetism and Magic in Giordano Bruno. All those interested in the history of late Medieval and Renaissance philosophy, of Renaissance and Reformation mentality, and people interested in the history of magic and popular rites alternative to Christian liturgy.

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Cancel Save. Il permesso di soggiorno ha sempre una scadenza per cui deve essere periodicamente rinnovato presso la Questura. In questo caso il medico, che deve essere legalmente stabilito in uno Stato UE per esercitarvi la stessa professione, deve informare il Ministero della Salute con una dichiarazione preventiva almeno 30 giorni prima di compiere atti medici in Italia indicando luogo e data di esecuzione degli atti medici in Italia.

Nel caso in cui sussistano tutte le condizioni previste dalla norma di riferimento, il Ministero della Salute comunica la propria decisione positiva circa l'effettuazione, in Italia, della libera prestazione dei servizi da parte del professionista.

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Doctors who do not have Italian citizenship or whose medical degree was conferred from a medical school outside Italy must meet the requirements to register with the Italian Medical Council in order to practice the medical profession in Italy. Regulations take account of citizenship and legislation on immigration and also the validity of the qualification attained outside Italy.

Citizens of Switzerland , although they are neither EU nor EEA citizens, also have the same entitlement as EU citizens for the purpose of this document.

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Citizens of all other countries do not have the same entitlements. It is compulsory to be registered with the Italian Medical Council to practice medicine in Italy. In general applicants are from the following categories:. A formal decree recognizing the qualification is usually obtained quite quickly, enabling the doctor to register with the Italian Medical Council in the province of residence.

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The doctor is not required to sit for the qualifying examination. The doctor must apply within 2 years for registration with the Italian Medical Council and thereafter practise medicine in Italy. Number 2 — Doctor with Italian citizenship graduated abroad in a country outside the EU Also in this case it is necessary to obtain recognition of the qualification by the Italian Health Ministry, for which an application must be submitted see above.

The two Offices examine the course of study carried out by the doctor, reaching one of the following conclusions:. No permit of stay is required, however the doctor must take up residence in Italy. Having been conferred in Italy, the degree does not require recognition.

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Once the doctor has passed the qualifying exam to practise, he must register with the Italian Medical Council in the province where he lives. However in this case, recognition of the degree must be obtained from the Italian Health Ministry see n. The doctor must speak Italian and he must know the standards and policies which regulate practice of the medical profession in Italy.

The doctor must pass an examination on these subjects which is held at the Italian Medical Council, where the doctor applies for registration.

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Achieving a pass, the doctor will be registered on the National Register of Practitioners and may practise medicine in Italy. If he does not pass the exam, he must sit it again at a future date. Also in this case, following recognition of his degree either directly or following further assessment or examinations he must pass an exam on Italian language and on the regulations that all registered medical practitioners must meet see n.

He must be in possession of a valid Permit to Stay. In order to be a registered doctor, one of the following Permits to Stay are required:. A Permit to Stay which is valid for a determined period must be renewed at the police headquarters.

Failing to renew a Permit of Stay would result in being taken off the national register of practitioners and therefore no longer able to practise medicine in Italy. Needless to say, a Permit to Stay without an expiratory date enables the doctor to be registered.

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