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I dont remember the name of the saga I really need help! I know, pitifull crying out loud. What I DO remember it's that it is a saga of a family, brothers and cousins, an historical and romance saga. I remember one of the men being hurt by a gun in the forest, I remember when the first of them got married they bet when was going to born the firt child of the couple Its frustraiting that I dont recall much of it, I just know that I laught a LOT, that the first couple got caught in the rain trying to resolve the atempt of murder of one of the youngest the one that got hurt by the gun , and they went to a cabain in the forest, and a lot of steamy stuf happend In the book,the guy's girlfriend gets pregnant.

After she gives birth,she takes off and leaves the guy to raise the child alone. He then has to juggle going to college and taking care of the kid. Pls,who knows the book? I am looking for a book that I have only read the plot once from Wikipedia. All the men of a village have left to war, leaving the women and girls alone in a village. One day a foreign man came out of the blue to the village and the women promise each other that no one will be fall in love with him.

This is a true story written by a young lady who fell in love with this man, but she never published it. She left a will that said she wants the novel will be published after years from the incident by a woman of her family that is younger than 25 yr or something like that. Can anyone tell me the name Submitted by Katherine not verified on May 14, - pm. Can anyone tell me the name of the story where a worker messed everything up for his master by doing everything word for word.

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One time when the master asked him to oil a carriage or a machine, he put oil on the whole carriage making it slippery. Another time he screwed a party when he was told to put something in a cool place. It was a funny story and most probably had a Chinese setting. I read it when I was a kid and can not remember the name now.

If anyone knows please help! Amelia Bedilia. Guys I've been trying to find Submitted by Summer romance not verified on May 15, - am. Guys I've been trying to find this book I read years ago about a girl I believe her name was myra she had spent one summer at her friends house and fell in love with her friends brother who's name was Zander I believe and his ex was a model named Angelica I believe and she stole his phone to ruin their relationship when she was already cheating on Zander with another man.

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Myra met a painter who asked her to pose for him in a nude painting and they had a bit of a fling. O can't remember the name but the cover had a picture of a cartoon styles lady holding a wine glass lying on a couch and someone was pouring wine into her glass and it was like a 's themed drawing in a way. This is definitely Undeniable Submitted by izzy not verified on June 6, - pm. This is definitely Undeniable by Ingrid Monique. Looking for a forgotten title Submitted by K not verified on May 15, - am.

Remembered a fantasy book with a female lead. She is from the shadow house. Supposed to be a magician. She cuts pieces of her shadow - so her shadow is all tattered and has holes in it. She fights for a house that hires her for some inter-house wars. Her love interest also fights in those house fights. Whichever house wins the house fights can make the rules of the world. I feel that I know so much about this book, yet I cannot find it Submitted by Jessica not verified on May 16, - am. I am looking for a young reader book published in the early s so not quite a children's book, but not a chapter book that I feel confident has "Cat Walk" in the title - I think the difficulty finding it is that it has nothing to do with fashion!

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It is set in an imaginary, ancient Egyptian like setting, in which a human girl is being raised by a large grey anthropomorphized cat. A stranger comes to visit and gives the girl a map I think? So she does, and has adventures along the way, and in the end discovers she's grown up to be a beautiful human woman and isn't some weird cat, like she thought she was.

I think in the end she gets a new name. Any help?!? I'm looking for a book about Submitted by daniel not verified on May 16, - pm. I'm looking for a book about humankind in the future and on this planet the society is all blind and the wear white robes and pins that beep when they get close to something. It starts with the main person, a boy, is playing hide and seek in the school during class with these kids.

There is this girl who is the daughter of one of the leaders and she wants to see but anyone who can see is killed. They are blind because the people who first settles on the planet thought seeing was sin or something.

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The girl who is the boy's friend runs away but the boy thinks the leader, her father killed her but he can't tell anyone and he doesn't know for sure. For some reason the boy is able to see and he learns that the leader can see as well and the leader and his mom are having an affair. And for some reason the boy steals peaches and hides them under his bed. At the end he runs away because the leader finds out he can see and wants to be the only one who can see and the boy disappers into a field.

It was a series but i only read the first book. We think this is Truesight by David Stahler Jr.! Looking for a book Submitted by Hugh not verified on May 17, - am. In the late 50s, early 60s, I read a children's book about a donkey in Ireland that was ill-treated by its owners.

I think his name was Barney. Can anyone help? Looking for this book series Submitted by Alex not verified on May 17, - am.

So this is vague as heck, but im looking for a young adult series where the female protagonists name starts with an X. If i remeber correctly she was a bit chubby with red hair, her best friend was a boy. Her mom was strict because she was or is in the military and her father is not all there in the head.

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  • Its sort of a fantasy adventure set in a fictional world. Flora Segunda Submitted by Melita not verified on September 23, - pm. Except for the main character's name starting with X, the other details match.

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    Flora wants to be a ranger and have adventures but her mother definitely wants her to go into the army. Flora's best friend is Udo and she has a dog named Flynn.